Spinosaurus Tooth


  • 100% guaranteed authentic fossil spinosaurus tooth
  • From the Early Cretaceous period (100-115 million years ago!)
  • Your very own genuine piece of prehistoric history
  • The Spinosaurus was one of the fiercest and largest beasts ever to roam the land
  • Comes with fact file containing detailed information about the Spinosaurus

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The Spinosaurus was one of the fiercest beasts ever to roam the earth, and you can really believe it when you hold this awesome tooth in your hands! The tooth you receive will be a 100% genuine fossil Spinosaurus tooth. They make great gifts for the budding paleontologist of all ages.

Packaged in a velvet pouch

Tooth size: 20-30 mm

Additional information


Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Time Period

Early Cretaceous (100-113 million years)


Kem-Kem Basin, Morocco


Up to 15 metres


10-20 tonnes


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