Squalicorax Tooth

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Genuine Fossil Shark Tooth – At Least 60 Million Years Old

Do you know any child, even any adult who wouldn’t want to hold in their hands the tooth of a prehistoric killing machine? Now’s your chance! Not only is a fossil shark tooth a cool thing to have and show people, but it’s also your very own piece of history. When you hold the tooth in your hands, you can really imagine the fearsome beast prowling the oceans all those millions of years ago, at the same time as the dinosaurs were roaming the earth!

Fossil Shark Teeth Make Ideal Gifts!


Shark Facts:

  • They grew up to 5 metres in length, about the size of a great white shark!
  • They weighed nearly half a tonne!
  • They were one of the ocean’s top predators, feeding on fish, marine mammals, other sharks and even unfortunate dinosaurs which wandered into the oceans!
  • They lived in oceans all around the world!
  • There has been evidence of the Squalicorax attacking the fearsome 15m Mosasaur!

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60 Million Years Old


5 Metres


Up to 500kg


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